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For each of our clients, finding the right New Jersey group health insurance is a specialty here at Goodliffe Associates, located in Scotch Plains, NJ. We've been solving New Jersey group health insurance problems since we opened our doors in 1987. And, since many of those first clients are still with us, we're known for finding good solutions.

We start at the beginning.

The first thing we do with every client is to sit down and find out what you like and dis-like about your present New Jersey group health insurance policy. We also discuss what you're looking for in terms of group health insurance coverage, company programs and cost. We'll gather all the information that you can give us � even things like the names of the doctors you and your people currently use.

We'll then begin a search for the group health insurance program that suits you best. Our decades of experience and licensed status with more than 24 insurance companies give us many options from which to make the best recommendations. We'll even explore alternative funding mechanisms that are available as well as cash flow options such as premium delays, minimum premium plans and self-insurance.

If your employees are interested in building up savings for future health care expenses, we can help. You may be interested in a Health Reimbursement Account, for example. Although not required by law, we can help you design your HRA to allow employees to roll over unused funds from year to year.

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While the insurance company you choose pays our fees, our focus is on serving you and meeting your needs. We'll be there to help make your program a success no matter which of our options you select.

We'll begin by meeting and making presentations to everyone involved in your benefits program. We'll talk to both your employees and their spouses. We'll answer every question and solve every start-up problem. We'll even help everyone fill out and complete all necessary forms completely and on time.

We'll keep you current

Every year, we'll automatically conduct an in-depth annual evaluation of your employee benefits program. We'll review alternative options available with your current carrier as well as research possible replacement programs with other companies.

You can be sure that we continually keep up-to-date on the best policies on the market. Our goal is to ensure you and your employees of quality programs with the most reasonably priced plans available. With Goodliffe Associates, you'll get:

  • Ongoing reviews to ensure that you have the best program at the best price possible
  • The kind of comprehensive coverage you want for yourself and your people
  • A program that both you and your employees can afford
  • A policy that is accepted by the doctors you prefer
  • Continuing support to make sure that no one experiences any frustration over using their policy or claiming any benefits

At Goodliffe Associates, you'll always receive prompt and personal service. The people who put your program together will be the same ones who are here to answer any future questions or solve any potential problems. If you're tired of dealing with the problems of your current program, give us a call and we'll start finding the right solution.

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